Treatment method and prices of Praktijk Winnubst in Lemiers


In case of complaints of your musculoskeletal system, Praktijk Winnubst is the right place to visit.

During the first examination it will become clear whether and how your specific complaints can be remedied.
You will have immediate clarity about any further treatment that might be necessary.


The price for the first one-hour appointment, which consists of an extensive interview, an examination and a treatment, is € 145. A follow-up treatment costs € 110.

Payment is preferably by pin, but also possible in cash at the end of the consultation. You will of course receive an invoice, which you can submit to your insurer. Depending on your (additional) health insurance, the musculoskeletal medical treatments are fully or partially reimbursed.

Treatment Method  

During the first consultation, Geerie Winnubst MD analyses the problem together with the patient. During that conversation, she sets aside at least an hour for the diagnosis, drawing up a treatment plan, explaining the treatment method and the actual treatment process.

If you cannot come to the appointment, we ask you to cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance. If this is not observed, the cost for the treatment will be charged.

The Practice

Waiting rooms and treatment rooms are usually not very pleasent spaces. At the office of Geerie Winnubst MD, the space is warmly decorated, so that you will immediately feel at ease.