Quickly relieve your physical complaints with Musculoskeletal Medicine and rehabilitation in Lemiers


 Pain in your back, neck, joints or experiencing headaches?

A specialist in Musculoskeletal Medicine can often help you. 

This kind of treatment is also known as (ortho) manual medicine.

Treatment of pain without surgery or admission

Pain can suddenly occur due to a wrong movement or a fall, but it can also gradually find its way through the years, for example due to a wrong posture. In any case, you do not have to live with your complaints. A physician specialized in Musculoskeletal Medicine is in many cases able to remedy your complaints, without surgery or hospitalisation.

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Restoring mobility with advice and guidance

After a limited number of treatments, most patients are able to move pain-free again. In addition to the treatment the physician will give you instructions, advice, guidance and insight into restoring your mobility. More information about Musculoskeletal Medicine for both referrer and patient can be found at the official website of the association, with which Praktijk Winnubst is of course affiliated.